Buying Auspicious Plants for Chinese New Year 2019

Buying auspicious plants for Chinese New Year is a must for those who want to decorate their homes for the festive season. Whether you live in landed home or high rise apartments, live plants and flowers will transform and bring the festive mood to any indoor or outdoor environment.

Chinese New Year Lime Tree

Live plants such as the lime tree is an auspicious plant to decorate the home for good fortune and prosperity and hopefully to bring lots of money & wealth luck. Usually purchased in pairs, the lime trees are perfect to be placed near the entrances as a symbol of attracting wealth & prosperity.

Chinese New Year Flowers

Using fresh cut flowers is also the perfect Chinese New Year decoration. The fresh flowers emits a natural nice scent and at the same time the lively colors brightens the home. 

Live plants and fresh flowers are important for the Chinese New Year. Buying auspicious plants for Chinese New Year is a common scenario for most Chinese families in Malaysia. Floristika stocks up on a wide variety of Chinese New Year plants and flowers every year - giving you choice and variety to decorate your home. 

If you do not have time to visit Floristika in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, you can now order online and have it delivered to your doorstep (home or office!). 

Visit our online store for the selection of Chinese New Year plants and flowers.


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