Where To Buy Christmas Trees in Malaysia

Where To Buy Christmas Trees in Malaysia

Christmas trees are traditionally associated with the celebration and are usually elaborately decorated with lights, baubles, ribbons, and tinsel according to the theme of the year. While artificial Christmas trees are easier to purchase, real Christmas trees are gaining popularity among shoppers, both the locals and foreigners.

Real Christmas Trees At Floristika

Floristika has been supplying fresh-farm Christmas trees to its customers.  The variation of tree imported is the Noble Fir Christmas Tree, which has sturdy branches and bluish-green needles. 

The trees are available in sizes of between 4/5 feet to 12/13 feet.  As these are farmed trees, they are sustainably grown in commercial farms in Europe farmland. Growing these trees takes years and while awaiting harvest, these trees provide oxygen and absorb carbon monoxide which helps the environment. Once harvested, they are packed carefully for their long journey to Malaysia. On arrival, all these trees are placed in Floristika's cold room to ensure that they remain fresh until the Christmas season. 

Why are live Christmas Trees Popular? 

Traditionally in Europe and the United States, live Christmas trees are part of the Christmas tradition as the family goes to farms to handpick a tree of their choice and lug it back home.  For Asia, while this tradition is not in practice because these trees are not grown here, Floristika has imported these trees for those who prefer to have a live Christmas tree to celebrate the special occasion. 

The distinctive difference between a live Christmas tree and artificial trees are the distinct pine scent that warms the house and invoke the Yuletide mood.  The bushy ferns with sturdy needles can withstand heavier ornaments and look perfect with any Christmas decoration theme you have in mind.

Buying a live Christmas tree for the first time?

If you are buying a live Christmas tree for the first time, speak to us for advice on how to care for your tree.  We also have tree stands for your Christmas tree so you have it all propped up once it arrives at your home or office.  The stand is reusable, so once the season is over, you can keep it for next year's use.  

We advise customers to order and book your Christmas trees early because last year, we sold out all trees (of all sizes) very early. The larger trees were the first to be sold out - so do hurry and make your order soonest you can.  

Christmas tree delivery

The trees, depending on size are quite heavy and bushy (even with the careful packaging), so you might want to consider having us deliver it to your home or office.  While some people like to keep the tradition of coming by to pick up the tree (which we are happy to do so), do remember that you would need an appropriate vehicle to safely carry the tree to your destination.  Currently, we deliver within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for a nominal fee. If you are buying trees that are 9 feet and above and need it to be delivered to a high rise establishment, please remember to check the size of the passenger or cargo lift as the trees need to fit into the lift. Do also remember to provide us with clearance information to deliver the items to you.

We are taking orders for live Christmas Trees as early as August - so don't wait till the Christmas trees are sold out! While stock lasts. 

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