Chinese New Year Lime Tree

Lime Tree or Kumquat for Chinese New Year

It is a tradition to welcome the Lunar New Year with auspicious plants such as the lime tree or more commonly known as kumquat, four season lime plant. The kumquat has a symbolic meaning - it is alike having a good start to the new year ahead.

Floristika's Kumquat or Lime Tree is freshly sourced from local farms and thus allows us to offer wholesale prices every day. Buy the lime tree in pairs and place them at the entrance of your home or office.

Start the year on the right note! Cleanse the home or office of negative vibes by placing our grand four season lime plant at the main doorway of your home or office. Lasting well beyond Chinese New Year, they only require partial sunlight and watering when the soil is dry

Order your lime tree early. Delivery to your doorstep and self-collection is available.

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