Mini Christmas Tree

Make Christmas memories with our real mini Christmas tree. Let the scent of pine warm your soul and festive decorations invoke the Christmas Spirit. These mini trees also is a great choice for Christmas gift. Mini Christmas tree available at Floristika Bangsar. These mini trees imported from Europe in limited quantitites.

Nobilis Fir is the choice of trees. It's bluis-green nedlees make an outstanding shade of color to add to the Christmas mood.

These mini Christmas tree available in 4 heights from 30cm to 60 cm and exclusively available at

Pre-Order Now

Pre-orders are open now to allow you to book your mini trees in advance. Secure your mini Christmas tree today by placing an order now. Pre-order only valid until 24th November 2021.

The mini Christmas tree can be delivered to your doorstep or you can also pick it up from our store in Floristika Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

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