Flower Vase

Wedding, party, anniversary or even just a simple flower vase to decorate the home with, you will definitely be able to find something you like at Floristika.com.my. Pick and order your favourite flower vase along with some fresh flowers from us to brighten your home or office today! Reliable delivery options available.
Ceramic Vase Q1617-WFS (Imported) - Black
from RM16.50
Ceramic vase QS7601-HFS (Imported) - Grey Marble
from RM16.50
Ceramic Vase QS7601-LX (Importted) - 2 Tone Grey
from RM16.50
Ceramic Vase QS8001-BFS (Imported) - White Marble
from RM14.50
Ceramic Vase QS8005 -YH (Imported) - Black
from RM14.50
Ceramic Vase QSI 737 A-HM (Imported) - Grey
from RM24.50
Ceramic Vase S-QS1652-LH (Imported) - 2 Tone White Grey
from RM24.00
Ceramic Vase S-QS7601HM-1 (Imported) - 2 Tone White Grey
from RM14.00
Ceramic Vase W746 (Imported) - Grey
from RM51.50

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