Chinese New Year Collection

Welcoming Lunar New Year with Auspicious Plants and Flowers

Auspicious plants and flowers are a must for Chinese New Year decorations as they symbolize prosperity, good luck and wealth. The lime tree or kumquat is an auspicious plant and is traditionally used to decorate the home or office. Other popular Chinese New Year decorations include Pussy Willow, Guzmania, Curly Bamboo, Money Tree Plant, Pachira, Zamioculcus, Kalanchoe and many more! 

An arrangement of fresh-cut flowers for the table or as a centerpiece is a quick and instant way to brighten up the atmosphere and bring in the fresh scent of flowers. 

Fill the atmosphere with vividly colored plants and flowers and send blessings of fortune and prosperity to your loved ones and business associates. We offer delivery to your destination at your choice within Klang Valley or you can pick-up it from Floristika in Bangsar.

Kalanchoe - P120
Wax Flower (Imported) - Red
Ficus Mini Ginseng

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