Xmas Tree Decorating Inspiration

Xmas Tree Decorating Inspiration

Looking for Xmas Tree decoration inspirations? Before you start thinking about decorating your Xmas Tree, start by pre-ordering a live Christmas tree from Floristika as our supply of trees depletes very fast as it gets closer to the season. Pre-ordering ensures that you get the fresh farm trees imported from USA with natural pine scent - so don't delay. Meanwhile, here's some inspirations for your Xmas Tree which we got from Pinterest:

For starters, here's some tips on how much garland, lights and ornaments you need for one foot of your Christmas tree. If you intend to make it look fully decorated, below is a good guideline on decorating your Christmas Tree.

If you are decorating with lights, this is how you should position the direction of your lights for the full look.

These are several ideas on how to decorate your Christmas tree with a garland. So you can vary your decoration and not just one version. Try it out!

Here are some designs to inspire your Christmas Tree decorating project:


We hope you are inspired by our finds. Meanwhile do remember to check out our live Xmas Trees and pre-order them early.
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