Top Valentine Favorites : Roses, Ranunculus, Tulips and Baby Breath

In Floristika, Valentine's Day is the time when the demand of flowers increase tremendously as florist and customers rush to order fresh cut flowers, foliage and floral supplies. 

As a wholesaler for fresh cut flowers, Floristika supplies a wide range of local and imported flowers to local florist and end consumers. Florist usually place their orders early to avoid disappointing their customers, while retail customers walk in a couple of days prior to Valentine's to book their bouquet or order fresh flowers to decorate their homes & offices. 

As always, the top favorites for Valentine's Day are roses, ranunculus and tulips. This year, due to the popularity of Korean drama and trends, baby breaths are becoming a top favorite as well.

Over the years, Floristika is the destination for commercial florist and end consumers to purchase their favorite flowers for all occassions. We were also featured in Bernama News in one of their coverage on Valentine's Day. The video clip as below.

Similarly, Floristika's sister company, FarEastFlora Sdn Bhd was also featured in Bernama News with regards to the increase in demand for hand bouquets during Valentine's Day 2019. With over 40 years experience with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, FarEastFlora is a veteran in handling customer's unique and special request during Valentine's Day.

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