Chinese New Year Lime Tree Care Tips

Chinese New Year Lime Tree Care Tips

The rush to buy Chinese New Year lime tree is on. The Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is the season where the demand for lime tree soars as they symbolize good luck, wealth and prosperity. The lime tree or kumquat tree is a popular decorative item for those celebrating the occasion and you will usually see them in pairs at entrances of homes, offices and commercial outlets. 

The Chinese New Year lime trees are pretty delicate plants so here's some tips to care for your lime trees to make sure that they remain fresh throughout the Chinese New Year season.

Tip 1 : Lighting for your Lime Tree
Provide good lighting for your lime tree but not under the sun or where it is exposed to excessive heat.  Morning sun is preferable or filtered light throughout the day.

Tip 2 : Watering your Lime Tree
While it is tempting to start watering your lime tree, do so sparingly. Keep the soil in the pot moist but not excessively wet or soaking in water. If possible, use a well-drained pot to avoid excessive water in the pot.

Your lime tree should be kept in good condition if you observe the above tips. However if the leaves of your lime trees start to curl, wilt or drop this is a sign that the tree has dried out too much. 

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