Nanotech Herb Easygrow

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  • Product Name: Nanotech Herb Easygrow
  • What's Inside: 1x Pro Seeds, 1x Soil with fertilizer & 1x Cocopeat Pot

A very lovely gift set for friends and family. New hobbies to have fun with children! This pro ingredient in the set comes with a high-germination seed.

  • Suitable for nurseries, Garden centres
  • Feels like growing in soil
  • Great for plant's root
  • Goods for environment
  • Poor in microorganism
  • Does not attract insert

Herbs types:

  • Parsley: Very attractive for dish decoration
  • Thyme: Can be used for both fresh and dry
  • Oregano: Unique fragrant, suited for Italian cuisine and lovely pizza
  • Used as a garnish or flavoring herb

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