Wholesale Flowers Subang Jaya - Leading Flower Supplier

Wholesale Flowers Subang Jaya - Leading Flower Supplier

Wholesale flowers Subang Jaya - Floristika is the leading supplier of fresh cut flowers in Subang Jaya and Selangor. Our extensive range of fresh cut flowers are sourced direct from the local and overseas farm. Roses, gerberas, sunflower, tulips, eustomas, ranunculus and more are just a selection of popular flowers for florist, wedding planners, events, hotels and end consumers. 
You can now purchase from our online store and have your flowers delivered to your doorstep Malaysia-wide.

WHOLESALE FLOWERS SUBANG JAYA : Roses · Gerbera · Tulips · Carnation · Lily · Eustoma · Hydrangea · Sunflower · Baby Breath · Orchid | VIEW ALL FLOWERS

WHOLESALE PLANTS : HERBS | Mint · Sweet Basil · Rosemary · Chilli · Thyme  FLOWERS & INDOOR PLANTS | Peperomia · Diefenbachia · Hibiscus · Ajuga · Daisy · Mini Rose  SUCCULENT Local & Imported · Succulent Arrangements 

OTHER PRODUCTS : Preserved Flowers · Pots & Vases · Floral Accessories · Flower Arrangements and more (coming soon!)

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Rose (Local) - Red
Sweet William (Imported) - Mix
Carnations (Local) - Mix

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