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Jecall Industrial Supply @ Jecall Agrochemical Sdn. Bhd. is 1 of the leading agrochemical supplier in Klang Valley who bring added value products for consumers and corporate clients, we supplies various types of agrochemicals, pest control chemicals, organic farming solutions, fertilizers, and tools.

Are you struggling with a weed problem in your lawn?

Introducing JECALL BIOWEED FOR LAWN 1L SPRAY, the ultimate solution for weed control in your lawn:

  • Say goodbye to toxic weed removal methods with our non-toxic mineral formula, specially designed for your lawn.
  • Effectively target and remove broadleaf weeds while promoting healthy grass growth.
  • Enhance your soil's richness and create a sustainable ecosystem for your lawn.
  • Our product is free from harmful herbicides, being 100% natural and organic.
  • It comes in a convenient ready-to-spray form with long-lasting effects.
  • This patented product is imported from Korea and is completely odorless.
  • Made from microalgae cultivated with natural seawater from Korea's West Sea.

Directions for use:

  • Avoid spraying on rainy days.
  • Spray directly onto weeds and grass.
  • For weeds, spray on leaves, stems, and roots until the ground surface becomes moist.
  • For best results, spray after mowing the grass to reduce consumption and achieve faster results.
  • We recommend spraying twice a year for optimal lawn maintenance.

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