Jecall Debug+ (1L)

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Jecall Bio is dedicated to advocate sustainable agriculture and non-toxic chemical life style that benefit the future generation.

Product: Jecall Debug+ Spray 1 Liter
Contain: Fractionated Vegetable Oil, Essential Oil, Organic Potassium Carboxylate.
Class: Natural (Organic Material)


  • Effectively Knockdown & Repel ALL type of Chewing & Sucking Insects.
  • Quick Result.
  • 100% Natural, Non-Toxic, Food Grade.
  • Suppress Botanical Virus.
  • Quick Biodegradable in Soil.
  • Suitable for Organic Farming.

How to Use?
Spray Direct (Mist) to knockdown. Spray Weekly can Effectively Repel Farming Insects and Inhibit Fungus’s Grow.

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