real christmas tree available in malaysia

Real Christmas Tree Available In Malaysia

You may think that getting a real Christmas tree (and we mean a live Christmas tree and not the artificial version) is harming the environment but in actual fact, it is the total opposite.

Most people think that it is bad to cut down a live tree so they opt for artificial Christmas trees made of plastic or other synthetic materials. While it may be used for many years, it will eventually end up in the dumpster or dump land once it is no longer 'fresh'. So while you think that using an artificial tree saves the live trees, you are actually contributing to the landfill. The plastic or synthetic materials used are usually not recyclable and thus will take a long time to disintegrate.

On the contrary, Christmas trees are planted in farms and plantations which are grown specifically for the holidays. These are done commercially on a large scale as a business.  During the time of growing, the tree takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. It is cleaning the air and helping slow down climate change. However, if people do not buy these live Christmas trees, farmers wouldn't plant them and thus there will be fewer trees in the farms.

Live Christmas trees are also recyclable because most sellers readily offer disposal options. Floristika offers a pick-up disposal service for Christmas trees, so keep us informed when you purchase so that we can add in the disposal option.  Artificial trees, on the other hand, will end up being thrown away at the end of the day and may end up at the landfill for many years.

If you are celebrating Christmas this year, consider getting a real Christmas tree from  There are various sizes to choose from - from the smallest at 4/5 Feet to a majestic 12/13 Feet option.  Trees are limited in quantities and are on first-come-first-serve basis.

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