Flower Focus : Rose

Flower Focus : Rose

One of the most recognised and beloved flowers, this month’s flower focus shines on the beautiful Rose. Since ancient times, Roses have been a symbol of love and passion as they are associated with the Greek and Roman love goddesses, Aphrodite and Venus. Fast forward to present day, Roses still symbolize a spectrum of emotions that center around love and are gifted to those we call and hold dear during special occasions.

Generally symbolizing love and confidentiality between two persons, their specific meanings are dependent on their color.

Color of Rose

Specific Meaning


Love and passion


Gratitude, grace, admiration and joy

Enchantment and love at first sight


Effervescence, vitality and devotion




Enthusiasm and passion


Innocence, purity and charm



Commonly mistaken for Eustomas, the common Roses that we see have a distinct teardrop and hourglass flower head shape, as opposed to the Eustoma’s wide and slightly oval flower head.

Apart from the common Rose, sometimes we get lucky (or specially put in an order) and get our hands on their garden variety which include the famous plush roses created by David Austin. These garden Roses are bigger in size and have fuller looking flower heads, so much so that they bear a closer resemblance to a Peony or Ranunculus, rather than the common Rose.

David Austin Roses

The perfect example of a David Austin Rose.

And here’s a fun fact about Roses. Although they are commonly gifted during Valentine’s Day, Roses are actually the official flower for Father’s Day! A tradition that dates back to the very origins of Father’s Day in 1910, people would wear a rose to celebrate this day. A white rose is worn to honor a father who has since passed and a red rose to honor one who is alive. Bet you didn’t know that!

From the common Rose to the luscious Premium Rose, at FarEastFlora.com we have a wide variety of roses in all types of all-occasion arrangements for you to choose from. But if Roses aren’t what you are looking for today, head on over here for more interesting flower related articles!

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