3 Mins DIY Christmas Candle Decoration

3 Mins DIY Christmas Candle Decoration

A simple & easy Christmas for your house! Just prepare the simple 4 materials as below to start your DIY Christmas Candle Decoration. You can find all the materials from www.Floristika.com.my

Final Arrangement

1. 1 large square Glassware
2. 5 Packs of Red Sea Rocks
3. 3 different sizes of Square Candles
4. 1 Pinecorn


Step 1 : Put the 5 packs of Red Sea Rocks into the glassware and make it evenly

Step 2: Put the tallest candle on the left side.

Step 3: Place the medium size candle next to the tallest candle.

Step 4: Place the shortest candle in front.

Final Step : Finally, place the pinecorn beside the shortest candle. Done!


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