Wall Garden Planter


The Minigarden is a modular vertical growing system for ornamental, aromatic or vegetable plants. Its design is freestanding and self-draining suitable for indoor or outdoor living spaces. Used to grow for medium-sized plants.

Each module in the Minigarden Vertical system is composed 3 types of easy-to-assembly part: a lid, a circular clip and a recipient with 3 sockets as well as a base plate to collect any runoff of drainage water.

Assembly and configuration

Assembly of the Minigarden Vertical is extremely simple and its possibilities unlimited. Its modular characteristics allow the modules to fit together simply, vertically and horizontally, or "back-to-back", creating numerous combinations. It may also be combined with the Minigarden Corner to increase the number of possible configurations.

Minigarden Vertical can be installed very easily indoors or outdoors, recessed into or on the surface of interior or exterior walls and gables. The versatility and simplicity of the Minigarden system enables easy and lasting installation, from ground level or from any wall height.

The possible combinations are only limited by your creativity, given that, as well as the modular shapes, you can also play with the types and colours of plants to create unique effects.

An additional advantage is that plants already established in the Minigarden can be replaced easily.

Each module may be successively stacked and/or connected to the same level as the other modules using the circular clips. The connections between modules at the same level may be longitudinal or back-to-back, giving rise to different configurations: single or double structures.

Item Description
Contains 3 Modules + 18 Clips + 1 Tray
Dimensions 64.6 x 19 x 57 cm
Maximum Capacity 36 litre
Recommended Capacity 30 litre
Weight 3.34 kg
Material Polypropylene Moplen with UV protection
Finishing Matt, Grain MT-11007
Colour White
Other Features 100 % recyclable


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