Gardening Pot

You can grow your favourite flowers, plants or vegetables anywhere by planting them into the beautiful and portable ports that enhance the setting. Gardening pots allow you to garden anywhere! Purchase pots from Floristika now. We stock a wide range of garden pots at reasonsable price.

Plastic Pot

Imported plastic pot from Lechuza Germany – the expert in functional, design-oriented and high-quality synthetic planters. Offers the two innovative product lines Premium and Trend. Both lines feature the proven Lechuza sub-irrigation system that cares for your plants, so they always receive the right amount of water they need to flourish, without all the work.

Lechuza's sub-irrigation system takes care of your plants for you for up to 12 weeks, ensuring that they receive the right amount of water and nutrients they need for optimum growth.


Ceramic Pot

Most ceramic flower pots are glazed. There is a vast variety to choose from to suit your fancy. From the tiny bonsai pots to the giant garden urns, they come in a beautiful array of teals, rich blues, blood reds or even plain brown. Ceramic flower pots are particularly suited to formal gardens and gardens with an Asian theme.







Fiber Pot

Fibreglass planters and pots are strong, weather resistant, lightweight and often much more cost effective than their predecessors in their original material. Lead and Aluminium finishes come out beautifully for a fraction of the cost. Our whole fibreglass planter range can be seen of this page so scroll down to find the item suitable for your space.

Tall planters and Pots can be very striking. Not always used with live plants, some perfer to make dried wood displays in contrast with a modern finish on a tall planter.







Fiber – Stonelite Pot

Stonelite pots are made of half stone mixture, half high density resin with a small addition of fiberglass. Both substances are compressed by machinery under high temperature. The result is a unique product that combines the characteristics of a durable lightweight product with a natural look. Stonelite pot is recommended for indoor and outdoor use, frost resistant and UV protected. As of now, all stonelite pots with the exception of the window boxes, also have a water reservoir.