Fresh Cut Flowers SDN BHD is one of the wholesaler in town which able to provide the largest on-going variety and premium quality of fresh blooms in Malaysia at competitive prices. We offer affordable flowers in all of the most popular flower types and colours. From your classic roses to lilies, daisies, hydrangeas, bicolours Chrysanthemum and more. You can get hundreds of flowers to decorate your house or events at a price that should easily fit within most budgets. SDN BHD house all the fresh-cut flowers and foliage in two large walk-in coldrooms of approximately 2,500 sq.ft. in total area. The first cold-room provide an optimum temperature of 12-15 degree celsius to maintain the freshness of our imported and local fresh-cut blooms whilst the second cold-room has a slightly lower temperature of 10-13 degree celsius; just perfect for plants, bulbs and tropical produce. Clients shop in these cold-rooms to enjoy the benefits of the superb-quality and longer life-span produce.

Imported Fresh Cut Flowers
  • Seasonal fresh cut-flowers are flown in consistently from all around the world such as Holland, Australia, Belgium, China, India etc.
  • Imported Tulip, Amaryllis, Allium, Hycinthus, Roses, Tuberoses, Hydrangeas etc.
Local Fresh Cut Flowers


  • Flowers from Cameron Highlands daily
  • Tropical flower such as Sunflower, Bird Of Paradise, Anthurium, Heliconia etc.
  • Provide wide range of Chrysanthemum whether red, white, purple even bicolour
Dendrobium Orchid


  • Dendrobium as known as Orchid
  • Supply not only fresh-cut Orchid as well as the pot Orchid
  • Different colours of Orchid are available such as white, purple, yellow and many more
Flower Gallery

Don't waste time looking all over town for all the different flowers you need. Do it all in one stop at SDN BHD which located in Bangsar. Take a look through all of our flower collections and order all the flowers you need today so you'll be all ready for that great event coming up.

Tulip Collection

Tulips are a beautiful garden flower that many want to bring into their homes or share with others. However, to their dismay, the flowers die quickly or do not hold the beauty that was seen in the garden. There are several techniques you can carry out to get the most from tulips.

Caring For Tulips In The Vase

Learning how to care for fresh cut tulips will provide you with extended beauty and happiness in your home for up to 10 days.

  1. Every two days, cut one inch from the tulip stems to promote continued water intake.
  2. Check the water in the vase frequently, adding more to top off the vase when needed.
  3. Keep the vase clean with fresh water.
  4. Add a floral nutrient or preservative to the water.
  5. Set the vase in a cool place away from direct sun, heating vents, and drafty areas.