Foliage plays a role in a flower arrangement that is as important as the flowers themselves. Foliage provides texture, extra colour, shape and proportion to an arrangement. Choice of foliage helps to create the shape of the flower arrangement. Green foliage is used for a dark background to highlight the bright colours of flowers.

You can find a wide array of foliage for arrangements from SDN BHD store in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Foliage is typically more affordable than flowers, so using foliage as filler creates a full arrangement without a huge expense.

Filler Flower


  • Filler flower from Cameron Highlands daily
  • More than 20 choices of filler flower with different colours
  • From typical Limonium, Gypsophila-Million Stars, Statice, Aster, etc.


  • Leaf serves as wonderful decorative filler
  • Use leaf by itself or combine with bulk flowers to create unique and romantic wedding bouquets, table centerpieces or flower arrangements


  • Other foliage is imported according to season such as Chinese New Year, Christmas etc.
  • Include Pussy Willow, Fish Leaf , Lucky Bamboo, Ivy Leaf, Salix Tortuosa Curly Willow, Dragon Willow etc.
Foliage & Filler Collection

The addition of foliage and filler to your bouquet or flower arrangement will highlight the vibrant colours of your fresh cut roses or mixed flowers.